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CYNTHEA CAMERON, CHt., QHHT,  a practitioner experienced in a number of therapies to release blocks and allow body-mind-spirit wisdom to restore the body and mind to its optimum and allow joy and creativity to flow.  Practicing in Tucson, Arizona.

First of all I want to express my gratitude to my clients for allowing me to encompass living, loving, and learning in my work.  I thank each one of you every day.  

After many years of working with and studying the power of the subconscious mind I decided to earn my certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  My long-time interest in past life regression led me to study Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Metaphysical Counseling with Dick Sutphen.  To broaden the level of assistance available to my clients I have included advanced studies in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Dolores Cannon and am a Level 2 Dedicated QHHT Practitioner.  As a member in good standing of the International Hypnosis Federation, I hold the distinction of Certified Weight Loss Specialist and have been trained and certified in Mental Gastric Band Weight Loss.

In 2015 while exploring my creative side I took one of talented Jeanne Fellow’s art classes.  Even though drawing stick-people was a challenge to me, I simply ‘knew’ I had to take her class.  Using a crystal for focusing and self-hypnosis I set out to paint using the art technique Jeanne outlined.   While in state I called on my Higher Self and simply set my intention to say hello and greet it.  Previous attempts at painting had always left me sorely disappointed, but my results that day where beautiful!  The painting spoke to me in a very personal and deep way, actually transforming the way I saw myself.  My subconscious communicated with me,  “Hello, this is what we see,”  both in my mind and in the painting (which it named Winda).  Although I thought the painting reflected what my Higher Self looked like coming by to say hello, my subconscious explained, “That is how the collective consciousness sees you, as do others.  That is you!”  It was cathartic to say the least. 

From that experience and in my quest to offer clients new ways to connect with their true selves I have created a process I call Intuitive Awareness Painting.  Offered as a workshop, I lead a hypnosis exercise in which participants call forward their subconscious' where they can not only meet it and ask it questions, but also invite it to open their creativity and paint with them.  The painting technique is easy, versatile and highly creative resulting in truly stunning artwork, but also, powerful images and messages from the subconscious.  You can learn more about and see examples of Intuitive Awareness Painting on the Services and Classes page.

On July 1, 2016, after rescuing an abandoned and starved pregnant mare (which literally showed up outside my door), Chocolate Whisper, a very compromised and pre-mature foal was born.  After many months of much hard work on both are parts (and help from many wonderful people) he beat the odds and gained his health resulting in an earthly, as well as spiritual bond with me.  Chocolate Whisper has strongly influenced my painting technique, so much so that he readily joins in, nudging an elbow or ink pot, smearing his nose across the paper, and even stamping his hoof on the table to be part of the process.  He has not only assisted me in creating art, but has been known to "help" others with their paintings also.  You can see examples of Chocolate Whisper assisted paintings on the Services and Classes page - be sure to look for the horse images in them!

Additionally, with over 25 years experience healing with gemstones I teach classes on Gemstone Health and Wellbeing.  For more see Services and Classes.

My true talent is helping people recognize and release self-limiting beliefs and habits, while empowering them to achieve their true and highest potential.  Your session offers you the opportunity to create powerful, and often immediate change in your life while having a healthy, enjoyable, and pleasant experience.  

Most people hold onto self-limiting beliefs of one kind or another even though the belief may be unfounded or irrational.  This leads to limiting behavior, fears, health problems, depression, self-sabotage, undeveloped potential, or repeating negative patterns.  Depending on the change work you desire I customize the therapy and experience to suit your best outcome.  Beliefs can be held throughout the body and mind.  The release is a process of awareness and undoing which returns the body, mind, and spirit to its natural, healthy, joyous, and balanced state.  My goal is to help you identify and release beliefs which do not serve you and to strengthen those that do.


Out of curiosity I took your Intuitive Painting class and I’m so glad I did!  Your easy nature, the flow of energy and making a connection with Higher Self opened me to an ever-expanding consciousness.  My Knowing Self through my painting helped to magnify my presence in this now. The painting still speaks to me, has taught me that I am much more than current circumstances would have me believer.  And horses!  There are horses to confirm the beautiful nature of life.  


Tucson, Az  3/15/17

The Intuitive Awareness Painting class was a most interesting journey into my subconscious and hidden artistic side.  I never explored either before.  And being with the horses, their warmth and presence, made my heart soar.


Tucson, Az 6/5/16

I did a 3-hr hypnosis session with Cynthea to prepare for the labour & delivery of my 2nd child.  I was a few days overdue and planning a home birth attended by my mid-wife, my husband and my 2yo daughter.  Cynthea was fabulous! she got me in with little notice, she and I discussed my previous delivery and my hopes and fears for the 2nd.  Thanks to her, I enjoyed the birth and was fully present & breathing thru the 'expansions' and transition and finally the joy of meeting my son.  I'd recommend a session for every expectant mother.

--Kisa. mother of two happy healthy babies delivered naturally. :-)  6/22/15

"Thank you very much Cynthea!  You have very nice way to conduct a session. It was exactly I imagined soothing and loving voice. Make me relax and trust you fully.  I slept good last night and when I got up my head felt so light it was like empty.  It is a sensation I never felt before.   Now I will enjoy life better than ever before. Thanks again.

--Kabo Y.

Phoenix, Az  9/7/14

Thank you Cynthea, for our session.  I am finally sleeping a full night through.  No more nightmares.


Tucson, Az   8/19/14

I have spent most of the day thinking about the session yesterday.  Very interesting and powerful.  I am starting to listen to the mp3.  So many things going through my mind about each trip I took.  I am doing good.  Thank you.


Mesa, Az  7/27/14

Since the session I am less worried about what is going to happen with the planet, myself, and the dimensional transitions.  I feel more sure that we have done this many times and we're just playing with the outcomes.  I no longer feel alone and night time is spent with my friends on the ship and other planets, so love flows more freely.


Tempe, Az  6/27/2014

"Cynthea, thank you for the session.  Both Ann and I received much needed info and support from the time spent with you, and we had fun!"


Tucson, Az  6/3/2014

"If you wish to explore more of yourself in a safe loving environment, this is it!  Well worth the time and $.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone." 

-- LM 

Tucson, Az  1/2014

My girlfriend recommended that I go to Cynthea for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session because I had really bad sleep apnea, getting on average only 3-4 hours of badly interrupted sleep a night.  So I did.  She was fantastic.  She made me feel safe and comfortable.  She let me know I had control the whole time. Afterwards I felt refreshed like I slept for a year!  AND, my sleep apnea is gone!!!!!  You have to have this done if you have any ailments!  I'll keep you posted on my progress listening to my tapes.

-- Mark 

Phoenix, AZ  11/11/14

Thank you for helping me!!!  I came to Cynthea for QHHT with a broken tail bone, the result of getting bucked off my horse quite some time ago.  After years of being uncomfortable and unable to sit squarely on a chair, and doctors and chiropractors unable to help, I thought -- “Why not try this?”  I was nervous and a little embarrassed, but Cynthea made me feel at ease. The session was great!!!  And I learned about past lives!!!!!  It was a heart felt experience.  By the end of the session my tail bone felt a little weird, but when I got up, I noticed I could walk better.   And within a day my tailbone was back in place!  Thank you Cynthea!! 

-- Jeff R 

Safford, Az  9/15/13

"My three hour hypnotherapy session with Josephine and Cynthea was nothing more than excellent. Their friendly and caring personalities as well as the way their office was decorated made me feel safe allowing me to open up. They went above and beyond making sure I was comfortable by asking me if the lighting and room temperature was comfortable. This speaks volumes on how committed and focused they are in making sure I had the best experience possible. The session blew my mind and I received information that helped me let go of the past and focused on the now. To this day I am still receiving a lot of insight and I am clearer and connected to my thoughts, feelings and my inner–self. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful experience this was heart opening. "

-- Ericka 

Tucson, Az  9/8/2013

"Thanks U guys are awesome! "

-- Rachel 

Tucson, Az  7/8/2013

"Thanks. Love your style. I feel healthier and more focused!!" 

Sincerely,  Steven 

Tucson, Az  6/24/2013