​​​ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is the powerful technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon in which the individual enters the somnambulistic state and establishes communication with “Higher Consciousness” where strong, compassionate, support and wisdom, insight, and answers to any life, health, and spiritual questions are found.  Your Higher Consciousness will share information that is appropriate and of benefit to you at the time.  Also, if appropriate, Higher Consciousness may provide emotional and physical healing , either instant or ongoing.  QHHT has been proven effective to thousands of people worldwide, regardless of gender, beliefs, cultural background, or physical symptoms.  Please allow 3-5 hrs.  For more information on QHHT see:  http://www.dolorescannon.com/about-qhht                                                                                                                     $300

Communication Tune-Up  Did you know every thought you have is a suggestion to yourself.  Language is the manifestation of thought and also the label to every picture formed in your mind.  Meaning your thoughts, which take form as language, manifest and come into being as your life experience.   A few simple shifts can lead to lightning fast changes.  Awareness is the first step to change.  Change the belief and you will change the behavior.  In my Communication Tune-Up, I’ll discover your communication style and how you go after what you want.  I’ll uncover any underlying self-defeating, or limiting beliefs sabotaging your thought/language process and show you how to eliminate or shift them to thoughts and language which clarify your intentions and get you positive results.  You’ll learn not only simple ways to build rapport with others, but also how to easily and clearly get your points across.                                                                                                                                                                                         $99

MEET YOUR MIRACULOUS MENTOR  The secret to your success lies in your ability to tap into and trust your intuitive self. You already have everything you need, even the perfect guide with all the answers - an expert on you - your own Miraculous Mentor. When the hypnotherapist gently sets aside your conscious mind so you can access your Miraculous Mentor and build a relationship, you’re on the path to step forward with confidence, make good decisions, and never be steered wrong again.                                                                                                                     $85

Instant Karma Balance offers you the opportunity to explore with your subconscious the source of a current challenge or conflict influencing your life through a unique, powerful process combining Regression Hypnotherapy with Energy Block Release.  If you’re stuck and wish for more insight on a specific issue, the Instant Karma Balance is an excellent choice.  You’ll be guided to connect with your inner self and journey back to reveal the causes and effects of your experience.  From this perspective you can determine if the situation is balanced and it’s time to let it go, or bring clarity to new strategies for moving ahead.  While remaining in your relaxed state use the experience to unify your body, mind, and spirit while you identify and release any blocks as you resolve to put your past behind you, or to harness newfound information and move forward to a more balanced and productive life.  Gain wisdom, balance, and peace.   Please allow 2-3 hrs                                                                $200     
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  Your mind's association with the language you use and your communication style has a major impact on your life and success.  NLP is the easiest and fastest way to create change and meet goals.    Your NLP session will employ powerful strategies and language usage techniques, and is ideal for:  gaining control over anger, anxiety, habits, or phobias; improving communication; mastering rapport for relationships, sales professionals, or negotiators.  Or in other words how to get what you want.                    $75/hr 

Hypnotherapy offers the most powerful and effective way of achieving your goals and releasing unwanted behavior. While in a relaxed, yet highly focused state suggestions are given that your subconscious mind will act upon to bring about your desired outcomes.  By another approach the hypnotherapist can ask your subconscious mind for information, and facilitate the journey or lesson the subconscious deems appropriate to reveal.  Either way, nothing can induce you to do anything contra to your own values and ethics.  You will be aware of what is happening and you will be in full control at all times.  Hypnosis is successful for:  Spiritual Growth, Weight Loss and Management, Smoking Cessation, Improved Self-Esteem, Setting and Attaining Goals, Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Anxiety, Releasing Fears and Phobias, Sleep Disorders, Pain Management, Habit Modification, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                      $75/hr

Regressions with the guidance of a spiritual hypnotherapist allow you to access memories and gain insight hidden from everyday consciousness.  Your subconscious has a record of everything you have ever experienced and can recall any event in detail. Past Life Regressions can reveal life lessons, karmic understanding, past relationships, and the basis of habits, talents, attractions, fears, and physical, emotional, and mental issues.                         $75/hr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Intuitive Painting BY CYNTHEA CAMERON or CO-CREATED BY CYNTHEA CAMERON and the HORSE, CHOCOLATE WHISPER                               

Intuitive Awareness Painting is a process where you invite the subconscious to participate and communicate in an extraordinarily visual and creative way.  Chocolate Whisper and I utilize Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and fun to connect with Spirit to co-create stunning artwork from a higher perspective. 

Custom Spirit Animal Totem Painting is painted for your personally after a conversation with you so we can tune in.  Spiritual helpers, beings, totems will connect with us and appear in the painting.  These paintings can be done to tune in to a specific situation or in general overall.

                                                                                                                                                                                  11 X 14     $150

​                                                                                                                                                                                   16 x 20    $200

Custom Spirit Totem Paintings



Services and Classes by Cynthea Cameron --  Cert. Hypnotherapist,  Level 2 QHHT dedicated Practitioner,  Cert. nlp Practitioner

Bird and Octopus, gardening Elementals *

* denotes painted by Cynthea Cameron on paper imprinted by Chocolate Whisper and using a telepathic link between the artists.

"Birthing" a new book or idea. *

Totems for a young woman just prior to undergoing Rhinoplasty.  Horse, unicorn, Stegasaurus, Elephant, Rabbit, Horse and Jockey, Badger, elegant bird or parrot, mule.  The majority of these animals have prominent noses.

This was painted by Cynthea, Chocolate Whisper, and the young stallion Tic-Tac.

Other Dimensional *

Chocolate Whisper Comes to Earth;  Chocolate's energies conflicted at birth.  A warrior battles with a demon, wolves, shark, cat, firedancer, humans, alien beings, more.  Painted by Cynthea Cameron

Penguins, Whales, Alien Aircraft, Other-Wordly Beings *

Beliefs can be held throughout the body and mind.  The release is a process of awareness and undoing which returns the body, mind, and spirit to its natural, healthy, joyous, and balanced state.  My goal is to help you identify and release beliefs which do not serve you and to strengthen those that do.

Out of curiosity I took your Intuitive Painting class and I’m so glad I did!  Your easy nature, the flow of energy and making a connection with Higher Self opened me to an ever-expanding consciousness.  My Knowing Self through my painting helped to magnify my presence in this now. The painting still speaks to me, has taught me that I am much more than current circumstances would have me believer.  And horses!  There are horses to confirm the beautiful nature of life.  
--Nanette -Tucson, Az  7/8/16

"The class was a most interesting journey into my subconscious and hidden artistic side.  I never explored either before.  Cynthea's guidance made it easy.  And being with the horses, their warmth and presence, made my heart soar." --BH -Tucson, Az 6/5/16

Instant Karma Balance
Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Intuitive Painting
​by Cynthea Cameron, CHt.


For thousands of years gemstones and crystals have been used to heal and strengthen the body and mind, and alleviate dis-ease.  However, these beautiful stones can also be used to build and/or sharpen the personal skills one applies to their relationships, business, spiritual, and everyday life.  Additionally, specific gemstones can focus and draw to an individual a large number of personal traits and qualities they would like to embody within their character.  For example, gaining confidence, strengthening intuition, or maintaining concentration. 

This class is a unique opportunity to learn from Cynthea Cameron, Gemstone Energy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  (email or check back for new dates and locations)